"The trick is to invest in affordable, timeless clothing and accessories that will endure over the years, yet still look fresh and new when worn in the right combinations. Know that racy fads and trends are disposable and can hurt your budget."

Lloyd Boston@Tommy Hilfiger -
"Make over your man"


Idea by thinking - Märkesvarulagret in English

the business idea

Quality and consumer value in Värnamo

Conservative about blow out prices

We have to be price competitive, measured against the EU common market

We are "off street" and in a small city

... And we welcome
[ business opportunities ]
from all over the world!

Sweden is a member of
the European Union and
maintains its own currency,
the Swedish krona.

Swedish sales tax / VAT
is 25 percent.

Märkesvarulagret – “the branded label warehouse” – offers a wide variety of quality designer clothes and apparel. The core business idea is direct import which allows Märkesvarulagret to pass savings on to the consumer. Märkesvarulagret deals only in internationally well established brands. Märkesvarulagret trade lots and its ongoing sales are clearance. Märkesvarulagret distinguish itself for being sensitive about its image.

Märkesvarulagret is conservative in referring its customers to blow out prices and unparalleled “percentage off sales”, based on various manufacturers’ suggested retail prices. Märkesvarulagret’s philosophy rests solidly on offering merchandise at prices believed to be fair and balanced, at all times.

Märkesvarulagret is competitive and recognizes how the advent of e-commerce has brought many changes, bound to lead to price cuts in designer labeled merchandise and apparel. Conditions with open markets and borders, has begun changing conditions for retailing, the way many know it.

Upon pricing store items, Märkesvarulagret looks at market conditions beyond Sweden. Firstly Märkesvarulagret assesses the market prices in context, rest of the European Union common market, secondly with rest of the world. While focusing internationally, Märkesvarulagret expects to automatically “beat the Swedish street.” It should also be recognized that Märkesvarulagret is totally “off street” and in a small city.

Märkesvarulagret is confident about its business idea. It is not about trying to copy an offering of labeled merchandise being sold in many Swedish places. The ambition is to try a new concept and bring a flavor and world assortment of “would-be-nice-to-have-if-I-could-afford-stuff,” to the living rooms and wardrobes of cost conscientious, value driven consumers in Sweden.

To have a role in retailing, Märkesvarulagret must source creatively. Sourcing creatively is about being smart under some underlying irrevocable principles of trade. Mainly summarized – all offered merchandise and apparel is new and conforms to quality standards. Märkesvarulagret trades no returned or other lesser items representing a lower consumer value. Märkesvarulagret has decided to trade in “label struck” and “export restricted” items, under equal quality criteria.

When required, Märkesvarulagret can offer brands assurances of not exporting anything to outside of Sweden or not be aggressive about marketing a particular stock lot, over the Internet. Märkesvarulagret is small and dependable for trade, with a long term business strategy. The base for operation is a store and warehouse, in Värnamo, in south central Sweden.

Bottom line is that in everything offered, our customers should recognize Märkesvarulagret for its mission to provide a higher consumer value. Märkesvarulagret aims at carrying a broad quality assortment with greater focus on men and boys. Märkesvarulagret will cater to everyday clothing needs in a time when many are experiencing it harder finding clothes to wear and identify with.